Doing Yoga With Goats

I’d heard about people doing yoga with goats and thought it was an interesting and unusual concept. Who came up with this idea and why? I had to find out so I visited Shenanigoats to try it out. Now I admit that I’m not a yoga kind of guy but this is not your typical yoga glass.

This started off with a family just trying to keep their farm afloat. They decided to use their goats to create a landscaping business. Sounds like a great, sustainable idea but a friend of theirs had a better one. She had heard about goat yoga becoming a thing and suggested that it could be something they offered. They now do both but the yoga is easily the most popular and requested. Check out the photos and you’ll understand why.


When you arrive for class, they explain how it works and get you ready to start. The instructor gets everyone warmed up and limber while the goats walk around, play and do their thing. Everyone tries to stay focused but it doesn’t take long for the class to dissolve into an hour of playing with the goats, taking pictures of/with them and watching them interact with others. The room is filled with laughter and lot’s of awww’s.

They make it clear before the class starts that the goats might pee or poop on you. It’s just a risk of spending an hour with them. If you can’t handle that, this isn’t for you. I was surprised at how many people just shrugged that concern off. The upside to that issue is that if one pee’s on you, you’ll get a free Shenanigoats shirt. If they poop on you, just brush it off and keep going. I laughed when people would happily exclaim “he just pee’d on me, can I get a shirt?!”

There isn’t a lot to explain or describe. You spend an hour playing with goats, laughing like crazy, have lots of fun and you’ll feel great when it’s all over. It’s the only yoga class that recommend.


The goats will occasionally nibble on your hair and/or clothes.
The Shenanigoats team moves around the room with leaves and branches to keep the goats moving so that everyone can enjoy them.
You can get leaves and branches to entice the goats to come to you.
The goats are happy to pose with you and for you.

_DSC0686 (1)

What are you waiting for?! Go book your class now!

Shenanigoats Yoga

Call (615) 964-0075 or email them ( to schedule your visit.

Photos by Logan Johnston      Written by Corey Webb

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